Spring Cleaning for Homes

The term spring cleaning will be used quite frequently in the next few months as the snow starts to melt across northern Minnesota. Spring cleaning can take on many meanings and is usually defined by each homeowner. The type of worked performed during a spring cleaning can vary but can include: high dusting, wall washing, interior and exterior window washing, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture/fixture polishing, and a whole lot more.

When considering to hire a company that performs spring cleaning, be sure to ask some questions. In the cleaning world, spring cleaning is considered an add-on or specialty work and therefore, usually requires more skill and knowledge. Be sure to ask if the cleaning company has liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If they don’t, do not hire them! Ask for references. Spring cleaning work often entails working with costly items such as carpeting, windows, or high value items. The cleaning company needs the expertise and knowledge of handling these additional requests.

Spring Cleaning for Businesses

The spring cleaning list for businesses can be very similar to that of the residential list. It can also be quite different. Some of the more common spring cleaning items in businesses are carpet cleaning, interior and exterior window washing, floor stripping, floor waxing, grout cleaning and sealing, restroom deep cleaning, and pressure washing.

As with residential spring cleaning, be sure to ask if the cleaning company has the proper insurance, expertise, and knowledge to perform the work. One of the variables in spring cleaning for businesses is time. The space to clean is usually bigger and often more congested. Be sure that the company can handle this work load so it does not interfere with the normal business operations. Time is money!

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