Carpet Cleaning or Replacement

Filthy Clean is a Grand Rapids MN based cleaning company with a focus on carpet cleaning. Steam Cleaning, also known as hot water extraction is their primary method of cleaning carpet. Can you get my carpet clean? Should I replace my carpet? These are questions that Filthy Clean often receives in regards to carpet cleaning, especially residential. There are a number of items to consider in answering these age old questions.

Carpet Condition

First, what is the condition of the carpet itself? We are not talking about stains. Is the carpet structurally sound? Are there holes, cigarette burns, or major fading from the sun? Is there delamination (separation of carpet fibers from the backing)? As we start to answer these questions, we can then start thinking about steam cleaning.

Carpet Appearance

Second, what is the appearance of the carpet? Are there major wear patterns? Are there major stains such as Kool-Aid, coffee, grease, or pet stains? Most stains can removed during the carpet cleaning process. Steam cleaning these stains often removes them alone; occasionally special cleaning solutions designed for red dyes (Kool-Aid) or coffee may need to be used.

Carpet Location

Third, where is the carpet located? Is the carpet in question located in a rental property? Is it located in an area that is used often, such as a family room and can be seen by guests? What kind of image are you trying to portray?

Carpet Replacement Cost

Finally, what is the cost of replacement versus carpet cleaning? Carpet replacement for an average grade carpet can run $4.00 sq. ft., excluding pad, tear out, content manipulation, and special installation procedures. Depending on square footage, carpet cleaning typically runs $.30-.40 per sq. ft. in a residential setting. In choosing a carpet cleaning company in the Grand Rapids MN area, be sure to ask how they clean: steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Do they walk you through the steps of carpet cleaning versus carpet replacement? Do they have the ability to remove stains such as Kool-Aid or coffee? Filthy Clean is a Grand Rapids MN based cleaning company that has been in business since 2004. In addition to carpet cleaning, they offer a number of other cleaning services: house cleaning, office cleaning, floor care, window washing, water & fire emergency cleaning, and a whole lot more. For more information about their service offerings, check out their web site at They can also be reached at or at 218-327-9186.