Spring Cleaning in Grand Rapids MN

Spring Cleaning for Homes
The term spring cleaning will be used quite frequently in the next few months as the snow starts to melt across northern Minnesota. Spring cleaning can take on many meanings and is usually defined by each homeowner. The type of worked performed during a …

carpet cleaning or replacement

Carpet Cleaning or Replacement
Filthy Clean is a Grand Rapids MN based cleaning company with a focus on carpet cleaning. Steam Cleaning, also known as hot water extraction is their primary method of cleaning carpet. Can you get my carpet clean? Should I replace my carpet? These are …

3 common fall cleaning calls

3 Common fall Cleaning Calls
Filthy Clean, a Grand Rapids, MN cleaning company explains 3 of the most common fall cleaning calls that they receive.
Window Washing
Filthy Clean performs a wide variety of window cleaning services in the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area. Fall is the perfect time to have …

10 Steps to Carpet Cleaning Grand Rapids MN

Carpet Cleaning Steps Grand Rapids MN
Carpet cleaning is a process. Just like any other process, when you follow all of the steps and don’t cut corners, you tend to get your best results. Here are the 10 carpet cleaning steps used by Filthy Clean:
Pre-Inspect Carpet
Step 1 of …