Carpet Cleaning Steps Grand Rapids MN

Carpet cleaning is a process. Just like any other process, when you follow all of the steps and don’t cut corners, you tend to get your best results. Here are the 10 carpet cleaning steps used by Filthy Clean:

Pre-Inspect Carpet

Step 1 of the carpet cleaning process is to pre-inspect the carpeting for frays, large debris, stains, odor, and overall carpet condition. During this step, it can be determined what results can be expected.

Protect Walls & Floors

Step 2 of the carpet cleaning process is to protect the walls by using plastic corner guards. Corner guards protect the walls from the hoses used by carpet cleaners. The floors can be protected by using moving blankets or area rugs.

Protect Furniture

Step 3 of the carpet cleaning process is to protect the furniture. The use of Styrofoam blocks or sticky plastic tabs are placed under the legs of the furniture. Using these items prevents the furniture from staining or transferring dye to the carpet.


Step 4 of the carpet cleaning process is the vacuum the carpet. Vacuuming the carpet while it is dry increases soil removal making it easier for the steam cleaning procedure. Removing soil while it is “dry” means less cleaning passes which leads to faster drying times.


Step 5 of the carpet cleaning process is to pre-condition the carpet with a pre-spray solution. Using a pre-conditioner helps to loosen embedded soils and stains, very similar to using a laundry pre-treatment product. The entire carpet is pre-conditioned to produce maximum carpet cleaning results.

Pre-Treat Areas of Concern

Step 6 of the carpet cleaning process is to pre-treat areas of concern such as high traffic lanes, pet stains/odors, or Kool-Aid stains. Sometimes these concern areas require special spotting solutions designed specifically for one thing, such as odor or food dye.

Steam Clean Carpet

Step 7 of the carpet cleaning process is to steam clean the carpet using gentle agitation. When the previous steps are followed, steam cleaning the carpet will require less cleaning passes leading to faster dry times. Steam cleaning will also result in healthier carpets because it is also sanitizing them at the same time.

Clean Wall Edges & Other Transition Areas

Step 8 of the carpet cleaning process is to clean the wall edges and other transition areas. Wall edges and transition areas tend to collect dirt and debris that may be missed during the pre-vacuum or steam cleaning steps. The use of a special edging tool may need to be used in these areas.

Post Inspection for Quality Control

Step 9 of the carpet cleaning process is to perform a post inspection. During this inspection special attention is given to any problem areas such as stains, furniture tabs,and transition areas.

Groom Carpeting

Step 10 of the carpeting cleaning process is to groom the carpeting. The grooming tool is very similar to a rake. Grooming the carpet removes any foot prints and “fluffs” the carpet resulting in faster dry times.

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